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The village of Lourdata is built at the foot of Mount Ainos, laid out in a huge arc shape. What makes this area so popular is the scenery provided by the mountain and the deep blue waters of the Ionian with one of the most beautiful beaches with shallow waters, pure white pebbles and thick sand. Restaurants and shops provide the opportunity for relaxation. Also in the area you can find beaches that are accesible only by sea such as 'Liamorogia' and 'Lefaka' places chosen by the Caretta-Caretta turtles to nest. In the beginning of the century Dionysios Orfanos installed machinery for the processing of the athanatos plant that grows  in the region  from which carpets and ropes  are  made. It is also the place where Andrew Sfaelos was born, the hero from the Revolution in 1821.


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Villas Thelxis 4-5 persons 5 Keys

26754 Hits • Address: Lourdas, Lourdas

Two villas offer you the most beautiful vacation of your life in the enchanting village og Lourdas, Kefalonia. In a quiet environment tht combines together mountain and sea, the visitor will enjoy an unforgettable vacation. The villas "Thelxis" are just what someone might neeed during his stay and many more. Brand new with a magnificent view of the sandy beach of Lourda which is in a walking distance of 800 meters.

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